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This page is written by the game's inventor, Daniel MacDuff.

War of Kingdoms

I had an idea for a chess variant that is a lot more complex than CwDA but still preserves the same exciting stuff.  Note that, while not evenly matched, every game is fun and exciting.


On each player's half, same as the game they are playing.  Special rules apply only to their half when about the board.  Join the middle as you wish.  If there is an odd number of rows,cut it short and round down.


Same as in the chosen game.  
Team-Specific rules:
Chess- 8x4- Pawns promote on the last rank of their file.
Shogi- 9x5- Drops are allowed, and pieces promote two rows beyond when they leave their half-board.
XiangQi- 9x5- The Elephant cannot leave the XiangQi section, the general cannot face any royal piece, and pawns promote when they leave their half-board.
Changgi- 9x5- Generals cannot face any royal pieces without forfeiting the victory, and cannons cannot jump over or capture any piece that can move like a cannon.
Makruk- 8x4- When the Makruk player has no more pieces other than the queen and pawns, the opponent must remove a piece each turn until mate, promotion of a Makruk pawn, or a draw.
Raumshach- 5x5x3- The Unicorn cannot leave its half of the board unless playing against another 3D variant.  A Bishop cannot keep going up and onward, but must stop at the top. Each side gets the half of the board that they would have had, so White starts at the bottom and Black at the top.
Dragonchess- 12x4x3- Some of the pieces (i.e. the top and bottom board pieces) will be unable to advance beyond one's own board unless playing with another 3D variant.
Tridimensional Chess- 2 4x4s with both of the player's 2x2 attack boards- Attack boards can only be moved around the owning player's board, but can be moved by either player.  A player cannot make an attack board move after the opponent has made an attack board move.  See Raumshach placement rule, but reversed.
Glinski's- Trapezoid with lengths of six on the sides and 11 on the large end- Pieces move regularly when they reach the other board, with one exception: pawns capture sideways orthogonally.
McCooey's- Same as Glinski's- Pieces move regularly upon entering the other board.
Jetan- 5x10- The Chief can only be captured for a win by the enemy royal piece.  The Princess' escape move need not be on her part of the board.
Omega Chess- 5x10 with two Wizards in their cells- n/a
Grand Chess- 5x10- Pawns may promote upon reaching the closest-to-the-middle rank where the enemy pieces start, but must promote upon reaching the edge rank; they cannot move there if no friendly pieces have been captured, but can give check there.
Shako- 5x10- n/a
Xhess- 5x10- The King wins on any square in which a pawn could promote.
Courier Chess- 12x4- On the player's first four moves, they must move the queen, the queen's pawn, and the rooks' pawns like a Dababa forward, potentially capturing.  Then they may continue normally.
Wildebeest Chess- 11x5- n/a
Berolina Chess- 8x4- n/a
Turkish Chess- 8x5- n/a
Cavalier Chess- 8x4- Cavaliers promote to a friendly version of whatever enemy piece started in the square of the back rank.  If no piece started there, then the pawn promotes to a queen.  Note that if pawns would promote to royal pieces or any piece confined to a specific area (i.e. XiangQi advisor) they must promote to a queen instead.
Alice Chess- 8x4 and a copy of the whole board- pieces cannot switch boards without a real move, captures always move to the normal board, and enemy pieces attack the other-board version of their square.
Ultima- 4x8- Chameleons, of course, can capture as the piece being captured, which means that they can, for instance, move up or down on a 3D board.
2000 A.D.- 5x10- Mimotaur has restrictions of Ultima Chameleon.
Kinglet Chess- 4x8- Kinglets promote to Kings.
Tweedle Chess- 5x10- n/a.
Maharajah- 4x8- n/a
Dunsany's- 4x8- n/a
Weak!- 4x8- n/a
Flying Knights- 4x8- As the game is entitled "Flying Knights", this player has two knights, unlike the popular variant.  This is to promote balance.
Pawns Game- 4x8- n/a
CWADA- 4x8- n/a
Nemoroth- 4x8- As there are no royal pieces, the opposing player must do the following to stimulate their goals: checkmate the Ghast if checkmate, capture the Basilisk if capture.


At the start, each player rolls a d10 twice.  The first determines which kingdom they play from.  The second determines which team they use.  At the end of each battle, the winning player rolls a die and gets backs that many pieces only captured in the last game.  Then the loser rolls again.  The game continues until both players have won at least one streak of at least one and one has gone two streaks.

Kingdoms of Earth:

Kingdoms of Threehex:
Tri-Dimensional Chess

Kingdoms of Barsoom:
Grand Chess
Omega Chess

Kingdoms of Alter-Earth:
Courier Chess
Wildebeest Chess
Berolina Chess
Turkish Chess

Kingdoms of Parsonia:
Alice Chess
2000 A.D.
Kinglet Chess
Tweedle Chess

Kingdoms of Vario:
Maharaja and the Sepoys
Dunsany's Chess
Flying Knights
Pawns Game

Kingdoms of Cwada
Colorbound Clobberers
Remarkable Rookies
Nutty Knights
Meticulous Mashers
Forward FIDEs

Kingdoms of Epica VII
Game of Nemoroth
Centennial Chess
Ganymede Chess
Existentialist Chess
Life, the Universe and Everything

Kingdoms of New Fantasra  

Kingdoms of The Dark Lands
Philosopher's Chess
Jovian Army
Klin Zha
Wand Chess


Epica can be customized to your tastes.

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