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Variant Chess news vol 1 no 1

The monthly newsletter of Variant Chess, the UK charity that promotes board games play. Not to be confused with the publication of the British Chess Variant Society (BCVS). This is the newsletter of a charity called Variant Chess. From the newsletter: "Variant Chess is a charitable pressure group aiming to improve the quality of board games play, at home and in competition. The Objects of Variant Chess are (see p.4 below): "to improve the quality of awareness, understanding and skill of players in the art and science of chess variants, to foster the highest standards in the organisation of Variant Chess tournaments, and to encourage the playing of chess variants for fun." Variant Chess aims to promote variants like Rose Chess, develop any other new game which is as similar as possible to Chess, develop the awareness, understanding, skill and commitment of players and spectators, and improve the quality of playing any chess variant, in order to help them to appreciate the art and science of Chess and chess variant design. Variant Chess aims to show that chess variants based on a rectilinear lattice array (eg. oriental Chess games such as Xiangqi or Shogi) are complementary to, but quite distinct from, chess variants based on the triangular lattice array (eg. Rose Chess and Hexagonal Chess), and show that neither group is superior." Variant Chess news vol 1 no 1 (pdf).

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