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Symmetric Snark Hunting

This is symmetric version of SNARK HUNT game.




  • Wall (#): Nothing can step here and it cannot move (knights and boojums first step leaping over it is OK). (It is neutral piece; not black and white.)
  • Snark (S): Move one step any direction, or can change into a Boojum and make such move.
  • Boojum (J): Move as a queen but must move more than one space; leaps over the one space (without affecting it) regardless of what is standing there.
  • Pawn (or fork) (P): As FIDE pawn, no initial double step. Promote on last row to a Rook, Knight, Queen, or King, of either color.
  • Knight (or banker) (N): As FIDE knight, or move one space orthogonal.
  • Rook (or barrister) (R): As FIDE rook, or move two space diagonal with leaping.
  • Queen (or bellman) (Q): As FIDE queen.
  • King (or baker) (K): As FIDE king. However, there is no check (so, moving into check is permitted), and castling is only queenside (king two spaces queensway, rook over it; moving into/out/through check is permitted).


Rules is like FIDE chess, but no check/mate/castling/enpassan. King and Snark are called royal pieces. Lose if you have only one royal piece remaining, or if you have no legal move.

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By (zzo38) A. Black.
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