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Dracula and the Zombies


This game is a variant of Maharajah and the Sepoys and, as such, it retains the basic one-on-'em-all nature.


Same as M. and S.


Maharajah- Dracula- Same as Maharajah.
Every kind of Sepoy- Zombie- King.

Checker- Village- Expands in a random orthogonal or diagonal direction based on some kind of random number generation.  If another piece is there, it captures it.  Only expands from last expansion.  If that is captured, then the next recent piece is the expansion place.


Any Village piece can be turned into:

A.) A vampire (moves as a queen) by Dracula
B.) A zombie by a zombie
If the piece captures it.

At the start of the game, two Villages are placed randomly in the four middle rows (again, use a random number generator).


Brains or Blood?  You decide!

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By Daniel Robert MacDuff.
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