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This page is written by the game's inventor, Daniel MacDuff.

Consider the Bishop...

Consider the Bishop is a new form of chess based on strict rules of etiquette.  I have already dabbled in etiquette of chess, most notably in my game Mars.  But unlike in that game (see below for a link), the etiquette is between the players and pieces.


The setup is as normal.  White may only go first, however, upon asking nicely.


Each piece has specific wants and so a move may only be accomplished as long as all parties involved are agreed.

Pawns want individuality.  A Pawn must be Considered before it can be moved so that it is adjacent to other pawns, unless it had been adjacent before the move.
Bishops want peace.  A Bishop must be Considered before it can make a capture of any piece other than a Pawn (the Pawn being frightened of war and easily converted to pacifism, to live off-board with all other Pawns captured by an unConsidered Bishop, separate from other captured pieces).  A Bishop may capture a Pawn normally, but must be Considered first.
Knights want honor.  A Knight must be Considered before it can move closer to the side of its owner than it had been before the move.
Rooks want stability.  A Rook must be Considered before it can move if a Rook was not moved last turn, or presently by the opponent.
Queens want prestige.  A Queen must be Considered before it can make a move that does not capture or give check.
Kings want adoration.  A King must always be Considered to move.


A piece must be Considered to be captured by a piece that it itself could not capture, as all pieces want to survive.

To Consider a piece that is acting, examine the eight squares surrounding and the number of pacifist Pawns of each side and the number of captured pieces of each side.  If, of the eight (or less, if the piece is in a corner or on an edge) squares surrounding, all are filled, the piece may perform the action that required Consideration.  If the number of enemy pieces is greater than or equal to the number of friendly pieces, the piece may perform the action.  If there are more captured pieces of the color of the Considered piece (do not include pacifist Pawns), the piece may perform the action.  And if there are fewer Pacifist pawns, the piece may perform the action.

To Conisder a piece that may be captured, the above factors are examined.  If the piece would be able to perform an action, it may not be captured.

In adittion, players may request that their opponent make a certain move.  Remember to use "Please" and "Thank You," or the request is not valid and the opponent may chuckle at your impoliteness.  If you do remember, then the opponent may accept, but may in addition make another move, without Consideration.  Each player must accept at least once or will forfeit victory.


This is a rather silly idea springing from the name.

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By Daniel Robert MacDuff.
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