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This page is written by the game's inventor, Daniel MacDuff.

Circus XiangQi

The idea behind this game came about as. I was pondering alternate ways if getting pieces from place to place.  Tilting boards?  Elevators?  Human Cannons?  Cannons.  That was what led into the game if XiangQi.  Then, of course, the thought of Lion Tamers came to me.  In this game, as you will see, they tame Lions.


Same as XiangQi, except for the following:
Lions: c5,c6,g5,g6
Tightropes: a4-i4, a7-i7
Trapezes: c4-c7(starts at c4), g4-g7(starts at g7)
High dives: e5, e6


Pawn- Acrobat- One space forward or can leap over adjacent pieces, enter or exit a tightrope that stops on its square, or swing on a trapeze that is on its space.  It can also high-dive into the river if there is a high-dive platform on its space.  Place it off to the side.  It can remain there for three turns, at any point in which you can place it on any square along the river.  If you cannot, you lose it.  They can also be launched out of the Cannons, ride Elephants, or be juggled by the Horse-Jugglers.  They can move off of any piece they are stacked with.
Cannon- Cannon- Moves the same as in Xiangqi, except cannot capture when not loaded.  An acrobat can enter a cannon and the cannon is considered loaded.  The next time the cannon captures, the Acrobat moves onto the enemy piece instead of the Cannon.  If a loaded Cannon is captured, the Acrobat inside is lost.
Horse- Horse-Juggler- Moves the same as in Xiangqi, except can carry any number of Acrobats.  When either piece moves onto the other, the Horse-Juggler carries the Acrobats.  When the Horse-Juggler is captured, any juggled Acrobats are placed on adjacent squares.
Elephant- Elephant- Moves the same, but any number of Acrobats can ride it by entering its square.  If any Elephant is captured, the piece that would have moved onto its space is also captured and any Acrobats riding it are placed on adjacent squares.  Elephants cannot move towards Lions.  Distance is calculated as spaces in any orthogonal, diagonal, or hippogonal direction.
Chariot- Clown Car- Whenever a Clown Car captures a piece, place two Acrobats in the Tent.  Also, it cannot be captured, except by Lions or Elephants.  Otherwise, it is normal.
Palace- Tent- No difference
Advisor- Lion Tamer- Whenever a Lion Tamer moves adjacent to a Lion, the Lion becomes the Tamer's player's piece.  They can also leave the Tent.  Otherwise, it is normal.
General- Ringmaster- Same as always, except when not in check, leaves an Acrobat behind when it moves.
Lion- Moves as a Chu Shogi Lion.  When untamed, either player can move it, capturing as much as possible


Tightropes: An acrobat may cross a tightrope over other pieces.  This takes a number of turns.  The piece can move one towards either side once each turn but can be captured.
Trapeze: A piece may take a trapeze only if the trapeze is on its side.  The piece goes to the other side and the trapeze goes to the other side.
Highdive: Has already been explained.

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By Daniel Robert MacDuff.
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