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Chess Wars 3.1- Island Hopping

Story (Read aloud): White was able to trace Black's cyberattack and locate the test site for his secret weapon.  White now is going to find the specific island in the archipelago where the prototype is being held.


White's Bishops are both on black squares and his Knights on white squares.


K- Battleship- Ferz, Alfil, Dababa, Camel
Q- LAST (Land And Sea Transport)- Queen
B- Destroyer- Ferz, Camel
N- Paratrooper- Dababa, Ferz, Alfil
R- Landboat- Bishop or Wazir
P- Gunboats/Infantry- Ferz

K- General- King, can rifle capture as Ali-baba
Q- Prototype- Cannot move, placed on any white square at the start of the game
B- Helicopter- King or Squirrel
R- Bomber- Rook
No Knights
No Pawns


Black wins by capturing all of White's pieces.  White wins by "picking up" the prototype with any piece and taking it back to his home rank.

If Black wins, then play Chess Wars 4- The Dogs of War with Black using the secret weapon.

If White wins, play Chess Wars 4- The Dogs of War with White using it.

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