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10x8 Chess mating problems

This a set of five mating problems for the various 10x8 Chess variants out there with the Rook + Knight and Bishop + Knight pieces. Solutions (hidden via CSS) are at the bottom of the page.

The following positions are not composed problems, but are positions from actual games played with my own 10x8 Chess variant.


Position 1:

White to move and force mate

Position 2:

Black to move and force mate

Position 3:

White to move and force mate

Position 4:

White to move and force mate

Position 5:

White to move and force mate


All of the FIDE Chess pieces, with a Rook + Knight and Bishop + Knight piece added. Just as the Queen is a Rook + Bishop piece, there is a Rook + Knight and Bishop + Knight piece in these positions. In the solutions, the "A" represents the Knight + Bishop piece, and the "M" represents the Rook + Knight piece.


Mate is forced in all of the above positions.


The fairy pieces are used in all of the above mates.


The solutions are hidden via CSS and can be seen by selecting all text with Cntl + A. If you are using an older browser without CSS support, or are reading a printout of this page, stop reading now unless you want to know the solutions. (Spoiler space provided)



1) 1. Ac6 Kf8 2. Ad7#

2) 1. ... Axh2+ 2. Ke1 Qxh4+ 3. Qg3 Axg3# (or Qxg3#)

3) 1. Ah5 and now

3a) 1. ... Qe8 2. Qg7+ Ke7 3. Af6#
3b) 1. ... Ke8 2. Ag7#
3c) 1. ... [Anything else] 2. Qxf7#

4) 1. Ah6+ Kh8/Kj8 2. Rxi7 Qxd3+ (to delay Ri8) 3. Kxd3 [Any move] 4. Ri8#

5) 1. Mg7+ and now

5a) 1. ... Mxg7 2. Qxg7#
5b) 1. ... Kf8 2. Mxi8+ (double) (Kf7? 3. Qg7#) Ke7 3. Bg5+ Kf7 4. Qg7#
5c) 1. ... Kh8 2. Bi7+ (Mxg6+ mates more slowly) Mxi7 3. Mxg6+ (Ki8 4. Mh6#) Kh7 4. Qg7 Ki8 5. Qi7#

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By Sam Trenholme.
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