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School Chess

It is a small school joke.

In this game the chess game is played, and the names of cities on the certain letter are made. It reminds a lesson of geography.


All rules as in orthodox chess with the following changes:

  • Before movement of a figure, the player speaks the name of city on the letter, on which the name of a moved piece begins.

For example. The player wants to move Rook. He speaks: "Rotterdam". And only then moves Rook.

  • If the player can not recollect the suitable name of city, he can not move a piece.
  • The time should be limited. (Are used the chess hours).


It becomes amusing, when can not recollect the name of city, and the situation in game requires movement of such piece. Whether there are a lot of names of cities you remember, for example, on the letter "P" (for pawn's movement).

Written by Sergey Sirotkin. Web page posted by David Howe.
WWW page created: 20 Jul 2000. Last modified on: 20 Jul 2000.