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Imitating Chess


On Chess Variants Pages the interesting Joker piece is described. I have thought: Why not make a game in which all pieces (keeping the forces) move as the last moved piece.

There can be someone knows similar game, but I have tried it and it was fun for me.


as in a orthodox chess.

Initial Array

as in a orthodox chess.


The game is conducted by rules of orthodox chess with the following changes:

  • Each move should be made by any piece as correct movement of last moved piece. In other words the piece imitates movement of a piece which moved in the last turn. For example, White has moved 1. Nb2-c3, any black pawns can be moved as the knight. 1. ... e7(N)-g6. 2. d2(P)-d4 …
  • The moved piece does not changes, and remains with the force.
  • The king imitates nobody.
  • When castling and for castling, the piece can imitate the rook or the king. (But this situation can be very rare).
  • The moving piece imitates the movement capability of the moved piece only. The piece moves from the its square by rules of movement of the moved piece. For example, you moved knight. Then your opponent will move any piece, but knight-movement. He has moved rook as the knight. You will move any piece as rook etc. Can be better say: the piece moves not as the piece in the last turn moved, but as its ability to move. En passant is made pawn-movement by imitating pawn which moved in the previous turn. It can to make by any suitable piece.
  • Other rules, as it is orthodox chess.



The rule of imitation can be used as the modifier for other chess games.

Written by Sergey Sirotkin. Web page posted by David Howe.
WWW page created: 3 Oct 2000. Last modified on: 3 Oct 2000.