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Hordes of Change - Sample Game

For this sample game, I notate moves in the following way. Changing into a Magnet is R(B)pos-RM(BM). Changing back is RM(BM)pos-R(B). Same for King and Knight changes. Lowercase letters are used to indicate that the moved piece is an enemy piece (pull moves). Capturing with Rook and Bishop changes color, but that is not notated. Check is notated with +, mate with #.
1. Rf3-f4, Rd6-d5 2. Bg2-e4, Bg6-BM, 3. Rf4-RM, Be4-f5 4. Re3-RM, Re6-d6 5. be7-e4, Ke8-e7 6. Be2-g4, Rc6-c5 7. Rd3-d4, BMg6-B 8. Bf5-BM, Bg6-h5 9. bh7-g6, Bh6-g5 10. Bb3-c4, Rd5-RM 11. Kd1-e2, bmf5-e5 12. Ke2-d3, Bd7-BM 13. Bg4-f5, bf5-e6 14. Bh3-f5, Bh5-f3

Black guards his Bishop on e4. The Bishops f3 and e4 are kept together by the Rook Magnets e3 and f4. The real battle starts now.
15. Ke1-N, Ke7-N 16. Ne1-g2, Bg5xf4+ 17. Rd4xe4, Ne7xf5 18. Kd3-N, Re4xe3+ 19. Ng2-e1, Nf5-d4+ 20. Re3-e4+, Nd4xe6 21. Ne1xf3, Kd8-e7 22. BMe5-B, Ne6-d8 23. Be5-d4+, Rf6-e6 24. Bg3-h4+, Bg7-f6 25. Rg1-g4, Rh8-h5 26. Bf4-e5, Bf6-g5 27. Rg4-f4, Ba6-b5 28. Nd3-b4, Bb6-a5+ 29. Nb4-d3, Nd8-c6 30 Rc3-b3, Ba7-b6 31. Ba3-b4, Bg6-f5 32. Bh2-g3, Bg5-f6

Black opens the g-line preparing an attack on that side. White has only three light squared Bishops left and they are all at the other side of the board. White has a little spacial advantage.
33. Rf1-g1, Rg8-RM 34. Rb3-a3, Bf5-g4+ 35. Nf3-h2, Bg4-e2+ 36. Nd3-e1, bg3-g7 37. Ne1-K, Be2-d3 38. Bd2-c3, Rh5-g5 39. Ke1-d2, Rg5-g2+ 40. Nh2-f3, Bf7-h5+ 41. Rf4-g4, Bf6-g5+. A Bishop sacrifice White has to accept. Black now sacrifices more material to get an attack. 42. Nf3xg5, Re6-g6+ 43. Ng5-h3, Ke7-f7 44. Bh4-f6, rg4-e6

Black forces White to attack him and creates an open space around White's King and Knight. The Bishop on d3 is poisoned. Kxd3 R6g3+ Bxg3 Rh2+ Ng5+ Kg6#.
45. Nh3-f4, Rg2-g3 46. 46 Bf2-e3, Bd3-f1 47. Nf4xh5, Rg3-g2+ 48. Kd2-e1, Rg2-e2+, Ke1xf1, Rg6-g2 50. Be3-f2, Rg2-g5+ 51. Nh5-f4, Re2-e3 52. Nf4-K, Re3-g3 53. Kf4-N, Kf7xf6 54. Nf4-e2, Kf6xe6 55. Rg1-g2, Rg3-e3+ 56. Bd4-BM, Rf8-f3 57. Ne2-K, Rg5-g3

Black has three Rooks on both enemy Kings. But it will be hard to push further. The rest of his army is far away.
58. Bf2-BM, Ke6-f5. 59. Rh1-h5+, Kf5-g6 60. Re4-h4, Kg6xg7. White tries to prevent the Black King from joining the attack. And now the Bishops are gone, Wihte finds a chance to attack the black King. 61. Rh4-g4+, Kg7-f8 62. 62. Rh5-f5+, Kf8-e7 63. Rg4-g7+, Ke7-d8 64. Bc2-e4, rf5-e6 65. Be4-g6, RMd5-R. Now White should have continued his attack instead of finding something about the neutralization of his Bishop Magnet. 66 Ke2-d3, Nc6xe5+ 67. Kd3-c2, Ne5xg6 68. Bc4-d3+, Rf3-f5 69 BMd4-B, Ng6-f4 70. Bd4-f6+, Kd8-f8. Saved by the Rook Magnet on g8. 71. Re6-e7, Kf8-N 72. Re7-f7+, Nf8-g6

The struggle on one side continues. Now, Black's Knights will surely join the fight against the White Kings. But the Knights are not completely safe. 73. Bf6-g5+, Nf4-h3 74. Rg7-h7+, Nh5xg5 75. Rf7-f6+, Ng6-f4 76. Rh7-h5+, Ng5-f3. Free from further checks, as h4 is protected and Whites two Bishops c3 and d3 are pinned. 77. Rh5-h6, Nf3-K 78. Bd3-e2+, Re3xe2 79. Rc1-d1, Bb5-a4+ 80. Ra3-b3, Rd5-d2+ 81. Kc2-c1, Nf4-K 82. Rh6-h4+, Kf4-g5 83. Rh4-h6, Bb7-e4 84. Re2-RM, Rc5-e5 85. Rh6-g6+, Kg5-f4 86. Bb4-c5, Rd6-d4 87. Rb3-b4, Ba4-b3 88. Kc1-N, Be4-c2 89. RMe2-R Bc7-d6 90. Rd1-e1, Rd2-d1+ 91 Re1-RM, Rc8-RM.

Now there is little White can do against a slow but sure death. Black's Kings are well protected and White's forces are locked up. Black will soon lock White entirely and go for the kill. 92. Bc3-d2+, Re5-e3 93. Bd2-c3, bc5-c7 94. Rb5-c4, Ba5-BM 95. Bb2-a3, bc3-b4 96. Nc1-K, Bd6-e5 97. Rc4-c3, Rd4-d2 98. Kc1-b2, Bb3-a4 99. Ba2-b3, Bc2-d3+ 100. Re2-RM, Bd3-c4 101. Ra1-a2, Kf3-N 102. Kb2-a1, Nf3-d4 103. Rb1-c1, Nd4-b5 104. Ra2-c2, Nb5xc7 105. Rf6-d6, Nc7-b5 106. Rd6-d5+, Bb6-c5 107. Rg6-b6+, Nb5-c7 108. Rd5-d6, Nc7-K 109. Rb6-a6, Bc5-b6 110 Rd6-h6, RMg8-R 111. Kf1-g1, Kf4-N 112. RMe1-R, Kc7-b7 113. Rh6-h4+, Rg8-g4. White is terminated. 114. Kg1-h2, Rg3-f3 115. Rg2-g3, Rf5-h5 116. Bb4-e7, Be5-f6 117. Be7-d6+, Nf4-d5 118. Kh2-h3, BMd7-B 119. Ka1-a2, Kb7xa6 120. Rc3-d3+, Bb6-d4 121. Ba3-c5, Rb8-RM 122. Ka2-a3, bb3-b7 123. Rc1-b1, Bc4-b3 124. Bc5-b4, rc2-c7 125. Rb1-c1, Re3-RM 126. Rc1-c5+, Nd5-b6. Now, Rc6+, Bd7BM, Kxg4 looks nice, bot Black simple does Nc4# 127. Rc5-c2, Bd4-b2+ 128. Rc2-RM, Nb4-c4+ 129. nc4-c3, Nc3-b1#