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Caissa's War

Frank Max Truelove (Frank_M_(email removed contact us for address) wrote me about his project to build a chess variant, he is calling Caissa's War. Here is some information on the project.

In Caissa's War, each player builds a Force using a number of Force Points determined mutually.

Force Points are based on the values assigned to the Orthodox pieces. To build an Orthodox Force for Caissa's War would require 39 points.

Any Fairy Piece used in the past is available for inclusion in a player's Force. (Hence the need for an extensive list and treatment of Fairy Pieces.)

Some Forces require special rules for Array or Assize.

The project still requires some playtesting (given its scope) and a draft for a Caissa's War Rules manuscript is being prepared. The two main sources for this work are A. Dickins' A Complete Guide to Fairy Chess, and The Oxford Companion to Chess.

Anyone with information to impart or questions to ask can contact

Caissa's War
c/o F. Max Truelove
418 Dorrance St.
Bristol, PA 19007

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