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The Circular Chess Society

The Circular Chess Society is a small but growing organizations of players of Circular Chess. This game was invented in 1983 by Dave Reynolds, and in 1996, he founded together with other circular chess enthousiasts this organization. The roots, the main organizers, and many of the members of this organization can be found in Lincoln, England, UK. In March 1997, the society had around 50 members.

The Circular Chess Society sends a newsletter to its members, called Chess Nuts. Membership of the CCS costs 5 pounds per year, worldwide.

For all information on the CCS, write to:

The Circular Chess Society
11 North Parade
Lincoln, LN1 1LB
England, UK
or email to: (email removed contact us for address) .com.

The Lincoln Circular Chess Board produced by the Society and seen on TV can be obtained for 35 Pound, including postage and packaging inside the UK. One year's free membership is included when a board is obtained. A free information pack can be obtained by sending an SAE to The Society.

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Written by: Hans Bodlaender, based on information by Robin Stevens.
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