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Submissions Policy

Submission Agreement

Unfortunately, we have run into situations where certain individuals have decided to "withdraw" their contributions from the Chess Variant Pages for various reasons. We feel that sometimes these demands are unreasonable, and that we are not legally compelled to obey them. The following agreement then, is to remove any misunderstandings as to what our obligations are in the matter of removing or amending material published on our pages.

  1. By submitting your copyrighted work to the Chess Variant Pages, you are giving us permission to publish that copyrighted work on our web pages. Note: you are still the copyright holder, but you have agreed to let us publish your work.
  2. We will remove or amend a copyrighted work under the following conditions:
    1. The submitter of the work is not the copyright holder or did not have permission to distribute the work.
    2. The work violates the publishing standards of the Chess Variant Pages.
    3. The work contains significantly false, inaccurate,or harmful information.
    4. A convincing and compelling reason is given regarding amending or removing the page. Reasons such as the submission being flawed or sub-optimal aren't considered convincing and compelling for the purposes of removal of the submission.

      So please be sure you are comfortable with your work being published before you submit it to us.

  3. The Chess Variant Pages reserves the right to control the publication of submitted works. This means that once submitted, the Chief Editors of the Chess Variant Pages determine whether or not the submission is published, or continues to be published, on our web pages.
  4. The publishing of submitters' names and email addresses is by permission. By submitting your copyrighted work, you are giving us permission to publish your name in association with your work. Submitters may request their work be published anonymously, in which case we will not publish the submitter's name.
  5. Once permission is given to publish a name or email address, we will consider amending or removing such information under the conditions specified in entry 2. Again, the Chess Variant Pages retains the right to control the publication of this information once permission has been given.
  6. If you intend to patent your submission, or create a commercial product, you are advised to consult legal counsel as to whether it is prudent to give permission to have your submission published. The Chess Variant Pages will not be bound by any future contracts you make with other parties.

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By pressing the "submit" button, you are indicating you have read the above policy and agree to abide by it when submitting material for publication on the Chess Variant Pages.

Written by David Howe.
WWW page created: November 9, 2000.