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Inclusion of Personal Information

New policy as of 14 August 2000:

We will not include any personal information from submitters, unless they give their express, written permission to do so. However, once permission is given, a compelling reason will be required for us to then remove the information. Postal or email addresses will not be included in the content of the web page, but would be included on the Contributors Page. One exception to this rule will be if a submitter includes their email or postal address in the actual content of their submission. We take this to be implied consent, and the information will be removed from the content and added to the author's entry on the Contributors Page. Email addresses should never appear in the content of web pages, but only on the contributors page, or the feedback page.

Web page addresses, if included in the body of a document, or if we're given express permission, will be posted as a Link Page.

We will not provide or display postal addresses for individuals under the age of eighteen. We will not provide or display personal phone numbers period.

All email addresses will be displayed using a special format which prevents the email address from being picked up using automated means by spammers:

For example, the email address of John Doe ((email removed contact us for address), would be written as:

[a class=mailme href="/cgi-bin/genmail.cgi?John%20Doe+johndoe+com+somehost"]

But with the square brackets replaced with angle brackets.

Written by David Howe.
WWW page created: 14 August 2000.