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On the chess variant pages - Miscellaneous

What you can find on the Chess Variant Pages

The Chess Variant Pages feature rules of hundreds of chess variants (see the main index file or the alphabetical index), computer programs that play chess or chess variants, A True Type chess font, hundreds of hyperlinks to WWW-pages on chess, chess variants, and other things, chess variant problems and puzzles, a competition, announcements, and more.

Non-commercial, non-profit

The Chess Variant Pages are non-commercial. No financial award is received for this work by any of the authors, but we have received a few free chess variant games, books, and magazines and are very happy about that. With our new location, we also accept donations for paying the bill of the InterNic. (We have free hosting by for one year. After this, we also use donations for paying the hosting fee.) All money received will be used to improve the site or have prizes for contests, etc.

In particular, the intention of this site is not to earn money. We hope that it does not cost us money. This also means that, while we can help to give some publicitity to commercial chess variants, or related books or computer programs, we cannot help with development or investment.

Outside links

In the pages, there are also links to other sites with interesting materials on chess variants. Usually, such links are marked as such, in some cases a specific `link page' is made with a short description on what you can find on the site. Originally, outside links were printed emphasised, and a few such links are still visible.

Some outgoing links may have become no longer functional. In case you notice this, please inform us.

Please note that not all webpages on the WWW about chess variants are linked from the site, for various reasons. If you find objectionable content at a site, linked from the Chess Variant Pages, please inform us.

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