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Four player variant for knightmare chess

Steve Sabram wrote me about a four player variant for Knightmare Chess he and his friends play.

They play the game on a chessboard made by adding two rows to each side of an eight by eight board, with four sets of differently colored pieces. (Such sets can be bought in the US.)

Two different modes of playing can be used:

  • Have it done "bridge style" where you have two teams with your teammate on the other side of the board. The game is won when you and your partner's pieces checkmates one of your opponent's kings to win the game or ...
  • When one person is checkmated, his pieces are removed from the board and it becomes a three way game with the last standing team breaking up into a free for all.

Written by Steve Sabram and Hans Bodlaender.
WWW page created: February 27, 1998.