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Christian Freeling's Chess Variants

Christian Freeling is a Dutch game designer that has designed several chess variants - some of which have become very succesfull.

Many of these can be found on the Chess Variant Pages (see the list below); for more information and descriptions of all of Christian's chess variants, see the website of Mindsports, by Christian Freeling and Ed van Zon.

  • Caïssa. On a 7 by 7 board with disappearing squares.
  • Chad. Castles and walls in a strategic deep chess variant.
  • Chakra. Variant with fairy pieces and transmitters that can transport pieces.
  • Congo. African animals fight in chess variant invented by Demian Freeling.
  • Dragonfly. Drop pieces you have taken on a 7 by 7 board.
  • Grand Chess. One of the most playable modern large chess variants.
  • HexCaïssa. Each player has four pieces on hexagonal board with disappearing squares.
  • King's Color. Pieces move depending if they are on the same color squares as the king in hexagonal chess variant.
  • Loonybird. Pieces on a seven by seven board move differently when they take.
  • Rotary. On a 9 by 9 board with rotating pieces.
  • Shakti. On a 7 by 7 board with disappearing squares.
  • Yari Shogi. Modern Shogi variant.

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