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David Chapman, (email removed contact us for address) send a question about a chess variant. I don't know the answer - if you know it, please send an email. This is what David wrote.

Hi Hans

Can you help ?

I have acquired a game which looks very much like "Chess in the round"

It is in a solid Mahogany box approx 24" square and 18" high.

It consists of three glass platforms which are placed One above the other when the
game is assembled. ( The box becoming a stand for the game which would need to 
be on the floor as this game is very heavy) Game is 40" high when assembled.

Each glass platform is divided in the same way as Chess in the round but each wedge 
has a sign of the Zodiac and a Planet assigned to it just outside the outer ring.
There are also Four dragons on each level and a lot of Celtic Knot patterns.

The inner ring has the words "Event Horizon" written on the glass.

There are approx 100 playing pieces in Gold and Silver colour ( half of each ) which are 
all cast in metal, some of which look like Chess pieces, others like wizards and others
like the Easter Island heads.

I am puzzled as to what this game is and how to play it as I have no instructions.

I have been looking for ages on the net and found nothing close until I stumbled across 
your site.

Dave Chapman
In a second email, David added:
A possible clue is that it may have been made by Alfred Dunhill International
but I have yet to have that confirmed by Dunhill.

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