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The European Bughouse Gathering 2000
Geneva, Switzerland, July 8-10

The full report of the gathering with pictures can be found at (Link.)


1. The program

Saturday, July 8th

Sunday, July 9th

Monday, July 10th

  • From 12 PM and all the day long: outdoor casual bughouse at Parc des Bastions.

Plus if wanted: Tuesday and Wednesday, casual bughouse for those who did not have enough!

2. The places

  • Saturday: Echecs-Club Bois-Gentil, c/o Club des Aînés "Les Cèdres", 9 rue du Grand-Pré.

  • A comfortable indoor place close to the main railway station.
  • From Sunday on: Parc des Bastions, just near the Place Neuve.

  • In this classical outdoor meeting place Geneva chessplayers, there are three big tables, many giant chessboards and ping-pong tables. Of course there will be plenty of classical boards and clocks as well.

In case of rain, it will be possible to retreat to a sheltered place in the Parc des Bastions. In case of really bad weather, play will be at the Echecs-Club Bois-Gentil.

3. The International Swiss Bughouse Championship

  • Date: July 8th, 2000, 3 PM

  • Place: Club des Aînés « les Cèdres », 9, rue du Grand-Pré, Genève.

  • Entry: free, limited to 20 teams.

  • Prize money: First team $200, second team $100, first all-Swiss team SFR100.- (cumulative).

  • Form: Double round-robin (depending of the number of participants)

  • Time control: 5 minutes.


4. The Multi-bughouse

Multi-bughouse is the only game in the world which is more fun than bughouse. It is played with the same rules, but by teams of more than two people.

Sunday at 3 PM we will attempt a session of multi-bughouse on 12 boards, breaking the previous Geneva record (world record?) of 9 boards. The rules will allow free circulation of pieces inside a team, the first team to win on 6 of the 12 boards winning the game.

5. The organisation

  • Free accomodation for about 10 participants will be possible at the places of some Geneva players. Priority will be acknowledged to players from abroad, and of course to the first ones to subscribe.

  • Enough chessboards and (non-digital) clocks will be provided by Echecs-Club Bois-Gentil.

  • Stuff to make sandwiches and (hopefully cold) drinks will be at the free disposal of players during the whole gathering.

  • For subscriptions and/or more details, feel free to mail Fabrice Liardet, or to phone me at (022)7972857.

Written by Fabrice Liardet.
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