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Lost Your Password?

Since passwords are encrypted, they cannot be retrieved. But as long as you have the email address associated with your account, you can use email verification to change your password. Click the button below to proceed.

This will give you a keyword, and it will send an email with a coded link that will grant you the ability to change your password. This link will bring you to a form. To change your password, fill it in with your userid, your keyword, and your new password. Note that making multiple requests will give you a new keyword and make the code in old requests obsolete. So just make one request. If the email doesn't show up, check your junk folder or make sure that is in your whitelist.


If you do not get the email sent from us, email us from the email address associated with this account for assistance.

If your account doesn't have a current email address associated with it, and you have forgotten your password, then you may contact us with other proof of your identity.