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Link to: Shatranj Plus

Shatranj Kamil I (Complete Chess variation I) on a 10x10 board, with the addition of Camel pieces. Shatranj Kamil II (Complete Chess variation II) on a 10x10 board, with the addition of War Machines, instead of Camels. Shatranj Al-Husun (Citadel Chess) on a 10x10 board with extra "citadel" squares on the corners. Includes a more powerful War Machine piece. Shatranj Timur (Tamerlane's Chess) on an 11x10 board, with one extra "citadel square" for either player. Includes some interesting long range pieces, such as the Giraffe, Picket, Camel and War Machine. The promotion rules are much stronger than in the original, in an attempt to speed up the end-game somewhat.

Shatranj Plus Setup

Shatranj Plus:;id=852

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