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Link to: BattleBoard 3-D chessboards

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Chess like you've never imagined


BattleBoard unveils new 3-D chessboards that promise: "Chess like 
you've never imagined!"

The crew of the Starship Enterprise aren't the only ones in the galaxy
with a 3-D chessboard on which to play the classic game of chess.

Las Vegas, NV - July 24, 2000 - Ten years ago, D.P. "Bracken" Bracken
was just about to fall asleep one night when he had a vision of a 
series of three-dimensional chessboards. Filled with excitement and unable to
sleep, he got out of bed and started to sketch some rough drawings of
the chessboards he had envisioned.

He then spent several years drafting up the plans, building the first
prototypes by hand, and searching for a suitable manufacturer to 
produce BattleBoard. His goal is to provide chess players with a chessboard 
that more closely resembles an actual battlefield.

BattleBoards will allow chess players to experience an added dimension
to their game of chess as well as compliment their favorite chess

The temporary Internet site is in place now at 
Once there, interested parties may leave their name and email address for 
the purpose of being invited to the BattleBoard Web Site "Grand Opening".

The permanent web site will launch in early August, 2000. Customers 
will be able to view the 3-D chessboards and order via a state-of-the-art
secure shopping cart system. BattleBoards will retail for $795.00 each.

Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, BattleBoard is a new entry in the
chessboard industry. Founded  in 1999, BattleBoard is a
sole-proprietorship run by owner/inventor D.P. "Bracken" Bracken.

"Chess like you've never imagined."
© 1996 D.P. "Bracken" Bracken
© 1999 BattleBoard
Patent Pending

BattleBoard 3-D chessboards:

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