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This is a game along the lines of American Chess. It also introduces ranged rifle or gun attacks as found in the Chess Battle variant invented in the Soviet Union 1933 by A.S. Yurgelevich. Having played that variant, I thought it would be interesting to create some gun capture pieces and play on a larger board. So there are pieces in the game which move and capture like traditional chess pieces, yet in addition they have the added capability of 'rifle' (gun) capture. That is to say, they can make a 'move' by sitting in place and indicating an opponent's piece to be captured along a diagonal or orthogonal, whichever the case may be. Imagine a rifle or big gun shooting at a target in a distance. That is what this type of capture tries to emulate. Notes on rifle capture: In the descriptions of the pieces, the terms 'gun' and 'rifle' are used interchangably; also, any piece with rifle has that capability in every direction, orthogonally and diagonally. Here are the ranges for the pieces which have gun capability: Helicopters-4 Tanks-3 Cavalry-3 Strongpoint-3 Infantry-2, Outpost-1.

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