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Kozune is played on a 9x9 field.

Each player begins with 2 KO, 2 ZU, 2 NE, 1 KOZU, 1 KONE, 1 ZUNE, 1 SHO, and 9 PAWNs.

The SHO begins on the center square of each player's first rank. The 9 PAWNs on the third rank.

Players place the remaining pieces one at a turn within their first two ranks. When all pieces are on the field, players take turns moving.

SHO steps orthogonal or diagonal. May spawn a PAWN as a turn onto any vacant adjacent cell, provided there is no friendly PAWN in that file and the target cell is not located on the last rank.
KO steps orthgonal or leaps to the second orthogonal.
ZU steps diagonal or leaps to the second diagonal.
NE leaps one orthogonal then one diagonal in the same direction.
KOZU moves as KO or ZU.
KONE moves as KO or NE.
ZUNE moves as ZU or NE.
KOZUNE moves as KO, ZU or NE.
PAWNS step forward orthogonal. Moving onto the 7th rank may promote to a KO, ZU, or NE. Moving onto the 8th rank may promote to a KOZU, KONE, or ZUNE. Moving onto the 9th rank must promoted to KOZUNE.

The goal is to checkmate the opposing SHO or stalemate the opponent. Three-time repetition of position is a loss.

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Author: Larry L. Smith. Inventor: Joshua Morris.
Web page created: 2005-09-02. Web page last updated: 2005-09-02

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