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American Chess is played on a 11x9 field between two players, Blue and Red. The field has three distinct zones; The Gauntlet which is the three central files and the Back Lines which are the farthest rank from each player's starting position.

SOLDIER steps orthogonal or diagonal.
ARMOR BRIGADE slides orthogonal.
COLONEL leaps to any second cell.
RECON BATTALION slides diagonal.
MISSILE leaps to any cell except the Back Row.
GENERAL slide orthogonal or diagonal.
ARTILLERY slides orthogonal or diagonal through vacant cells. It may perform a capture by leaping an occupied cell and continue, without stopping, to an enemy-occupied cell.

All pieces, except the GENERAL and MISSILE, promote to GENERAL upon entering a Back Row cell.

The game is won by maintaining at least one GENERAL in The Gauntlet and eliminating all opposing GENERALs from The Gauntlet. If Blue accomplishes this, Red is allowed a move to recover.

The game is drawn if both players do not have a GENERAL in The Gauntlet, or if they have completed 50 full turns without achieving a win.

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