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Here's my HTML5 shogi game. It's an updated version of my old Shogi Applet

Play for free against the computer. It only requires a modern browser or mobile device. I will eventually add some sort of free network play to it. Keep checking back for progress.

This shogi game may be copied (if it is not modified) freely. The older Shogi Applet is also available on the site, if you have a browser that supports older Applets. This Shogi game can play on mobile devices and regular web browser. I'll add improvements to the server's Artificial Intelligence too, as I have time.

This is a GWT/HTML5 version of my old 'Shogi: Samurai Chess' game. I am in active development of the this code and plan to add server interaction and human vs human game play, so if you have requests for improvements, this is the time to let me know. Enjoy!

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