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SASR (Sassersson's Abstract Shape Representation) is a set of abstract minimalistic graphics for chess diagrams designed by Ola Sassersson, using simple shapes to represent each piece's movement; for instance, the rook's orthogonal sliding movement is represented as a cross. Graphics are available in SVG and PNG formats.

As of this writing, SASR is on version 1.1 (released 2020-04-19), which includes all pieces required to represent orthodox chess, courier chess, xiangqi and shogi, in addition to a selection of fairy pieces. Future updates will be aimed at increasing the number of fairy pieces, particularly those that happen to be popular in variants.

SASR graphics are available under the license Creative Commons Attribution 4.0, meaning they may be used in a wide variety of projects without explicit permission from the designer, as long as the license requirements are met.

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By Ola Sassersson.
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