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It is the end of the romantic magical era of Kings and Queens living in majestic castles, and of lively mischief Wizards and entertaining Jesters. In this game, Jester can advance in life to become Diplomats which talk enemy Kings into resigning [even if your own is in check]. Wizards promote to perform their last act of magic by making a selected opponent's piece [or pawn] and themself vanish from the face of the board. The two lovely Queens can leave the game, but will provide you with a gift of four Castles as they depart. Use your pieces wisely to defeat the enemy King. After all, his Jesters, Wizards, Diplomats, and Queens [or Castles?] will be out to get Your Majesty. In orthodox western chess we view Rooks as 5 points and Queens as 9. Yet many players prefer the lady over the two towers of stone. In this game our choice is a little different. We can perform a little maneuver called “synergism” and essentially replace our two Queens with four Rooks. Who could turn down the chance to trade 18 points of chess hardware for 20? In addition to synergism, to give the game more of a medieval flavor, I’ve added two types of pawns called Wizards and Jesters. I’ve also added a Diplomat.

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Author: Larry L. Smith. Inventor: Gary K. Gifford.
Web page created: 2005-12-04. Web page last updated: 2005-12-04

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