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The Ludii Portal is the home of the Ludii General Game System, which is designed to play not just chess variants, but other board games, card games, dice games, mathematical games, etc. It is part of the ERC-funded Digital Ludeme project. In order to cover such a wide array of games, Ludii uses structured sets of ludemes (.lud files), which are units of game related information that describe concepts related to the game rules or equipment.

Ludii comes with various AIs and services. Note that some services are still in development though.

The chess variants featured by Ludii include, but are not limited to:


  • Shatranj
  • Makruk (Thai Chess)
  • Sittuyin (Burmese Chess)
  • Ouk Chatrang (Cambodian Chess)
  • Atomic Chess
  • Grande Acedrex
  • Glinski's Hexagonal Chess
  • McCooey's Hexagonal Chess

Xiangqi (Chinese Chess)

  • Manzhouqi (Manchu Chess)
  • Mini Xiangqi
  • Qi Guo Xiangqi
  • Xiang Hex
  • Janggi (Korean Chess)

Shogi (Japanese Chess)

  • Hasami Shogi
  • Yonin Shogi
  • Mini Shogi
  • Tenjiku Shogi
  • Taikyoku Shogi

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