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Hexofen is a hexagonal chess variant, invented by Valeriy Trubitsyn in 1997 to eliminate flaws of Glinski and Shafran hex chess. English version of this website also have rules of Diplomat (three player version of Hexofen) and Neva checkers (checkers for four players). Russian version have other chess variants and non-chess board games. UPD: currently link is broken, so here is a diagramm and brief description. King is represented with circle (1 per player), queen with six-pointed star (1 per player), rooks with hexes (2 per player), knights with rings (3 per player), bishops with triangles (3 per player, one in each binding), pawn with points (11 per player). As you see, board is same as in Glinski chess, but have unique notation. Movement is same as in McCooeys's chess. I'm not sure about promotion and double-step rules, but i suppose all pawns can make double step. There is no castling.

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