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This page is written by the game's inventor, M Winther.

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The Gladiatrix is a bifurcation piece. It moves by colliding, diagonally or orthogonally, against any piece, and then deviating to any of the two adjacent orthogonals or diagonals (in the prolonged movement direction). It captures on the second leg only. The Gladiatrix can also move by colliding against the margin, whereby only one movement direction is available after collision. Without screens to collide against the Gladiatrix cannot move. The Gladiatrix's value is 6, which corresponds to rook + pawn (preliminary estimate). The Gladiatrix is the most powerful of the bifurcation pieces. It is, arguably, the most agile among all the known pieces. It has the capacity of zigzaging between the pieces and find its way in quite congested situations. The unusual long-board makes it possible to introduce the Gladiatrix while allowing it a proper amount of movement freedom in the opening, and also avoiding cramped positions.

Gladiatrix (pl. Gladiatrices) : female gladiator in ancient Rome. Female gladiators were often from upper-class families, seeking thrill and attention. Gladiatrices were banned around AD 200 under the rule of Emperor Severus.

More information and a Zillions implementation is here.

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