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Piece Promotion Games:;id=1113

'Piece Promotion Games' is 2 games on a 10x10 board with pieces promoting on the 8th rank.

There is a 'Shatranj Elephants' variant and 'Chaturanga' variant.

*** ShatranjElephants 10x10
Shatranj Elephants are back, and on a 10x10 board, with a new elephant, and all promoting on the 8th rank, even the Knight!! Oooooohhhh baby!!! All elephants promote by moving into the promotion zone in the direction they capture.

* DancingElephant: moves like a king, captures all directions forward and sideways.
* DrunkElephant: moves like a king, captures orthogonally.
* ButterflyElephant: moves like a king, captures diagonally.
* RollingElephant: moves like a king, captures all directions forward.

DancingElephant and Knight promote 8th rank to a PrinceElephant (alfil + king)
Remaining 3 elephants promote 8th rank to a Pawn or General (moves like King).
Pawns promote 8th rank to DancingElephant or Knight. These pieces can then promote to PrinceElephant.

Checkmate or stalemate wins the game, or reducing enemy to lone King. If you can bare the enemy King you win, even if the enemy can do the same to you next move! :))

*** Chaturanga 10x10 In this game, the Knight, Dabbaba and Alfil gain the added power of the Wazir once they promote on the 8th rank. Dabbaba and Alfil have the option of promoting to Pawn.
* Pawns promote to Dabbaba, Knight or Alfil.
Winning conditions same as above game.

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