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The game <em>Pi</em> is a chess variant for multiple players. By putting multiple curved or straight game boards together, a large playing area is made on which a number of players fight each other. By buying additional sets, one can (in principle) make an arbitrary large playing area, and play with an arbitrary large number of pieces, although the number of different piece colors (twelve or more) seems a large enough upperbound. <p> On this website (of `Kids Love Chess', the distributor of this game), you can view the products sold, e.g., a basic set containing four curved boards and eight sets of game pieces (in various colours), extension sets with two straight boards and four sets of game pieces. The boards each have 64 squares. The basic set is offered (February 2002) for US$ 41.95.

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Inventor: Dan Brown.
Web page created: 1999-03-25. Web page last updated: 2003-03-24

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