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Full Double Chess


Sergey Sirotkin


The idea of Full Double Chess is very simple: I wanted to place on a large board all combinations of all of the simple Chess pieces.

Board and Setup

Full Double Chess initial setup.

King: h1, i1
Amazon: g1, j1
Queen: f1, k1
Chancellor: d1, m1
Cardinal: e1, l1
Rook: a1, p1
Bishop: c1, n1
Knight: b1, o1
Pawn: a2, b2, c2, d2, e2, f2, g2, h2, i2, j2, k2, l2, m2, n2, o2, p2
King: h8, i8
Amazon: g8, j8
Queen: f8, k8
Chancellor: d8, m8
Cardinal: e8, l8
Rook: a8, p8
Bishop: c8, n8
Knight: b8, o8
Pawn: a7, b7, c7, d7, e7, f7, g7, h7, i7, j7, k7, l7, m7, n7, o7, p7

Combination Pieces

Full Double Chess uses the following combination pieces not used in International Chess: the Amazon (a combined Queen and Knight), the Chancellor (a combined Rook and Knight) and the Cardinal (a combined Bishop and Knight).


The game is played by rules of International Chess with the exception of the board and setup, and following rules:

  • The object of this game is to mate or capture both of your opponent's Kings. When a player has two Kings on the board, either may be moved and captured like a normal piece, including being moved to attacked squares or being left under attack. Once a player is reduced to a single King, the usual rules of check, checkmate and stalemate apply to their remaining King.
  • Either King may castle with either Rook or either Chancellor, as long as none of the pieces involved have moved yet. The King moves up to (but not on) the piece castled with, and the piece castled with leaps over the King to land on the King's far side. Thus the white Kings may castle to b1, e1, l1 or o1, and the Black Kings may castle to b8, e8, l8 or o8. Even if both of a player's Kings are still on the board, they may not castle if attacked or through or to attacked squares.
  • A Pawn reaching the last rank must promote to moving player's choice of an Amazon, Queen, Cardinal, Chancellor, Rook, Knight or Bishop.


Allow Kings to castle when attacked or through or to attacked squares when a player still has two of them on the board.

Computer Play

An implementation of Full Double Chess has been written for Zillions of Games. You can download it here:

Written by Sergey Sirotkin.
WWW page created: April 16th, 2002.