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Prizes of the 84 Spaces Contest

There are five prizes that can be won in the 84 spaces contest.

First prize

Chess variant gift, donated by the Chess Variant pages, to be selected by the winner, with a maximum value of 50 dollars. (E.g., Pritchard's Encyclopedia of Chess Variants, an Excess set, a set of Chessapeak Classic, or a set of Omega Chess.)

Second prize

A set of Heraldic Chess, donated by Modest Solans. Chess pieces with colored bands, chess dice, and chess cards.

Third prize

A set of Chessapeak Porta-Challenge, donated by Chessapeak Games Company.

Fourth prize

David Pritchard, Popular chess variants. Book donated by the Chess Variant Pages.

Fifth prize

Chess variant gift item: CV mug or CD-rom. (Winners choice. Donated by The Chess Variant Pages.)

Written by Hans Bodlaender.
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