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This page is written by the game's inventor, Jörg Knappen.

Los Alamos Vierschach

This is a non-competing entry to the 84 spaces contest. It is a small 4 handed chess variant combining Los Alamos Chess and Vierschach.

Board and setup

The board consists of a 6 times 6 checkered board extended by 2 times 6 squares on each side. As usual, the lower left corner is a dark square. The board is identical to one used in Quintessential chess.

Four armies from Los Alamos Chess are put in place like in Vierschach (allied teams side each other).


The rules are the same as in Vierschach and Los Alamos Chess. Since the path to pawn promotion is longer than in Los Alamos Chess, the pawn have the initial double move and capturing en passant is possible as in Vierschach. There is no castling (as in Los Alamos Chess).


Looking at the board of quintessential chess again, this variant occurred to me rather quickly. It is a natural combination of two good chess variants and it makes a good variant on 84 squares.


  1. Los Alamos Chess on
  2. Quintessential Chess on
  3. Vierschach on

Written by Jörg Knappen. Html by Hans Bodlaender.