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84 Spaces Contest - Judging round 1 proposal

The current proposal for judging the games in the 84 contest is the following. There are three groups, which I made somewhat randomly, except that persons that submitted two games have their games in different groups.

You can sign up for judging. Each group will have a chairman with some additional tasks, overseeing the judging in the group.

You cannot sign up for judging a group in which you have a game, or a close friend or family member of you has a game.

You are requested to do the judgment in a fair way: give notes to the games with respect to your opinion how good the game is, with better notes to better games. People who are caught cheating the contest by the way they judge may be denied participation of future contests of this website, and/or their game may be disqualified for this contest.

Please email the editors of this website if you want to participate in judging, and if so, what group. Perhaps, try a few games already during the coming holidays?

Testing games can be done: using over-the-board play with friends and family members, using Zillions of Games, by email with other judges, by email with the inventor, etc.

Group A

  1. Excelsior. By Este.
  2. Cross-Eyed Chess. By Uri Bruck.
  3. Tetrahedral Chess by J. Mark Thompson.
  4. Ryu Shogi. By Jared B. McComb.
  5. Outback Chess. By Timothy Newton.
  6. Wizard Chess. By Paul and Andrew Newton.
  7. Flipworld. By John Ryan.
  8. Unconventional Warfare Chess. By Luiz Carlos Campos.
  9. Seenschach. By Jörg Knappen.
  10. Lions and Dragons Chess. By Tony Quintanilla.
  11. Schizophrenic Chess. By David Short.

Group B

  1. Invasion by Jean-Louis Cazaux.
  2. Viking Chess. By Tomas Forsman.
  3. The Pit. By Daniel Roth.
  4. Tree Garden Chess. By William Overington.
  5. Wizard's War. By Mike Nelson.
  6. Arabian Chess. By Paul and Timothy R. Newton.
  7. Transporter Chess. By Andrew P. Newton.
  8. Chessma 84. By Antoine Fourrière.
  9. Orwell Chess. By Glenn Overby II.
  10. Heroes Hexagonal Chess. By Tony Quintanilla.
  11. Tandem-84. By Jim Aikin.

Group C

  1. Round Table Chess 84. By Richard G. VanDeventer.
  2. Herb Garden Chess. By William Overington.
  3. Influence Chess. By Samuel H. Bell.
  4. Delegating Chess. By João Pedro Neto.
  5. TamerSpiel. By Eric V. Greenwood.
  6. Battle Chieftain Chess. By Craig Daniel.
  7. Beastmaster Chess. By Glenn Overby II.
  8. Jacks and Witches 84. By Antoine Fourrière.
  9. Ramayana Chess. By Luiz Carlos Campos.
  10. Quintessential Chess. By Jörg Knappen.
  11. Ultra Slanted Escalator Chess. By David Short.
Each group of judges selects four games, which will go to the finals. Questions and remarks via the feedback system.


In order to speed up the process, please only object to this system if you have serious objections, and think the current system is seriously unfair. If there are enough serious objections to the system proposed here, we'll revert to plan B, and ask one or two judges who will do all the judgement.

Written by Hans Bodlaender.
WWW Page Created: December 19, 2002.