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This page is written by the game's inventor, Persian Chess.

Chess 911


Chess 911 is a unique chess variant regarding both the board design (911) and the game rules (ASE), which for the first time brings a piece to the chess board which doesn't belong to any side! ASE stands for "All Seeing Eye" and is the name of the piece in the center of the game board (f6 square). In this game, center square f6 is not available for pieces and is occupied by ASE: a neutral force that attacks both white and black on long diagonals, forever, disregarding which side is to move. ASE does not capture any piece because it doesn't move. It only attacks the long diagonals, and that means the long diagonals are not available for the Kings. The ASE attack is x-ray and no piece can block it. Sliders (Bishop, Rook, Princess, Fortress and Queen) are allowed to pass over the center square, therefor their attack also passes the center, but no piece is allowed to land into the center square.



Two extra (and well-known) compound pieces are added to the game, in comparison with FIDE chess: 1- Princess (wS on G2 square and bS on G10 square) which is a compound piece moving like Bishop AND Knight. 2- Fortress (wF on A1 and K1 squares and bF on A11 and K11 squares) which are compound pieces moving like Rook AND Knight.


All FIDE chess rules apply. Exceptions are as follows:
Rendezvous: when Princess from her home square moves to h2 (for white) and h10 (for Black), and if there is a friendly Bishop is on those square, then Princess and Bishop changes places (it's called Rendezvous). This move, changes a dark square Bishop to a white square Bishop and can only be done for one time by any player in the game. The difference between Rendezvous and Castling is that player is allowed to Rendezvous even if Princess and Bishop are moved, or by any of the dark square bishops. They just need to be on g2 an h2 (for white) and g10 and h10 (for black) in any stage of the game. Players are not allowed to Rendezvous when they are in check (obviously) because Rendezvous cannot defend the King from check in any possible position, so the player needs to defend or get out of the check first.
Queen side castling:
For white: wK to d2 -> wR to e2
For black: bK to d10 -> bR to e10
King side castling:
For white: wK to i2 -> wR to h2
For black: bK to i10 -> bR to h10
ASE Square (All Seeing Eye):
The long diagonals are attacked by ASE (All Seeing Eye) and thus are not allowed for the Kings.
These squares are:
a1, b2, c3, d4, e5, g7, h8, i9, j10, k11
a11, b10, c9, d8, e7, g5, b, i3, j2, k1
F pawn will not be promoted if it doesn't capture pieces on g or e files.

Computer Play

You can play this game at Chess 911 homepage:


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