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This page is written by the game's inventor, Sergey Sirotkin.

Beau Monde Chess


In this chess variant I would like to collect various updatings of movement of the queen's piece. It is not tested, and there can be only silly idea. I offer it for competition on designing variant with 100 squares.


Checkmate of opponent's king.

Initial Array


White: King - f1; Countess - b1; Princess - c1; Marquis - d1; Empress - e1; Queen -g1; Baroness - h1; Beauty - i1; Duchess - j1, Berolina Pawn - b2, d2, f2, h2, j2; Pawn - c2, e2, g2, i2.


Black: King - f10; Countess - b10; Princess - c10; Marquis - d10; Empress - e10; Queen -g10; Baroness - h10; Beauty - i10; Duchess - j10, Berolina Pawn - b9, d9, f9, h9, j9; Pawn - c9, e9, g9, i9.





The game is conducted by rules of orthodox chess with the following changes:


Empress moves as Queen or knight ( Amazon).


Queen moves as the usual queen.


Princess moves as the queen, but captures differently. When capture, it jumps on an obstacle (friendly or hostile piece), then takes the first piece worth behind an obstacle.


Duchess moves as the queen, but at diagonal movement should once be reflected from boards or piece worth on a way.


In one turn Countess moves as bishop and can shoot on a rook's line, or moves as rook and can shoot on a bishop's line. The shot is a capture of a piece without movement on its field.


Marquis moves on a vertical forward as rook, but it moves back as bishop.


Baroness moves forward as bishop, but it moves on a vertical back as rook.


In one turn Beauty moves or as bishop and makes movement on one field as rook, or moves as rook and makes movement on one field as the bishop.


Berolina Pawn moves diagonally one square forward, captures one square straight forward.

Written by Sergey Sirotkin. Web page posted by David Howe.
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