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Pixelpusher variant: TryThis Chess

Pixelpusher is a rather weak chess variants playing applet. To make playing against the applet a challenge, I applied an easy trick: I give the computer player much stronger pieces.

So, white has the normal set of pieces, and black (the computer) has a king, seven queens, and eight pawns. Can you still win from this strong & weak opponent?

This only works with Java enabled browsers.

TryThis Chess was thought up (invented is too big a word for this) by Hans Bodlaender, June 1998.

More information

See the index file for how to use the applet, version information, and more variants. The applet may not work correctly with Netscape 3 or Internet Explorer 3.
WWW page and applet made by Hans Bodlaender and Eli Bachmupsky.
WWW page created: June 10, 1998.