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Pixelpusher variant: Paulowich's Amazon chess

David Paulowich wrote:

I started thinking about Pixelpusher variants and came up with a new one:
Paulowich's Amazon Chess - a fun variant with 8 different pieces, including C = Chancellor (R+N) and A = Amazon (Q+N).

(...) The game should be fun for the human player - trying to mate quickly with the Amazon before the program activates the Black Queen and Chancellor.

This only works with Java enabled browsers.

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See the index file for how to use the applet, version information, and more variants. The applet may not work with Netscape 3 or Internet Explorer 3.
WWW page and applet made by Hans Bodlaender and Eli Bachmupsky. Game suggested by David Paulowich.
WWW page created: September 30, 1999.