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Pixelpusher variant: Chess on a board with 37 squares

Chess on a board with 37 squares is a chess variant, proposed by Alfred Pfeiffer. The variant is played on a special board with 37 squares, and was designed on the occasion of Hans Bodlaender's birthday. Here you see an applet that plays this variant with the strength of the Pixelpusher program: i.e., it is mostly a challenge to lose from this program.

This only works with Java enabled browsers.

A variant of Pixelpusher

This is a variant of Pixelpusher, called with different parameters. Actually, this applet can be called with parameters that allow:
  • boards of different sizes. The columns parameter is used to give the number of colums. The rows parameter is used to give the number of rows.
  • Different setups. These are given in FFEN (with limitations.)
  • squares that may not be used or passed (except by knights). These are given in the FFEN as a -.
  • Chancellors: pieces that move like bishop or rook.
  • Bishops with the Bishops Conversion Rule.
  • Marshalls (pieces that move like bishop or knight) are also implemented, but I have to provide a gif for them yet.

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