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Pixelpusher variant: Centerless chess

A not-often player chess variant is Centerless chess. Here, the four squares in the center cannot be used. The applet below plays this variant against you, but does it very badly: it just selects a random move.

This only works with Java enabled browsers.

A variant of Pixelpusher

This is a variant of Pixelpusher, called with different parameters. Actually, this applet can be called with parameters that allow:
  • boards of different sizes. The columns parameter is used to give the number of colums. The rows parameter is used to give the number of rows.
  • Different setups. These are given in FFEN (with limitations.)
  • squares that may not be used or passed (except by knights). These are given in the FFEN as a -.
  • Chancellors: pieces that move like bishop or rook.
  • Bishops with the Bishops Conversion Rule.
  • Marshalls (pieces that move like bishop or knight) are also implemented, but I have to provide a gif for them yet.

WWW page and applet made by Hans Bodlaender.
WWW page created: April 3, 1998.