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This page is written by the game's inventor, wdtr2. This game is a favorite of its inventor.


This game is a fusion of Wildebeest Chess, Xhess, and Wildebeest Chess Decimal.



Horsemen - A combination of Pawn and Knight. It has the two sideways moves (forward only) of a Knight and all the powers of a pawn. Promotion on rank #3 and #8. Promotion to Queen if you do not have one, in all other cases, promotion to Wildebeast. All knight moves are non-capture moves.

Rook - Standard Chess Rook

Bishop - Standard Bishop Knight - Standard Knight

Wildebeast - A Camel and a Knight

Camel - A 3x1 Leaper. It moves straight for 3 squares and then over 1 square. It is color bound.

The picture above shows the non-attack moves of the Horseman.  It attacks like a pawn.  In this example the spaces D4 and F4 are the attack squares.



Standard Chess rules apply.

The Horseman can do en-passant, and must promote upon reaching the 8th rank (3rd rank for Black).

At the promotion square, you have the choice of promoting to Wildebeast or Queen. The Horsemen only has the choice to promote to Queen if you do not have a Queen. Horseman can do en-passant.

Standard Castle on rank #2 and #9


Click Here to Play the game

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