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Your Unpublished Submissions

This page features content you have submitted to this site that has not yet been approved for publication by an editor.

Since this site is run by volunteers, the publication process may go slowly. To speed things along, you should do what you can to make your submissions ready for publication, and you should cooperate with the editors.

  1. Start by following the advice in How to Design and Post Your Own Game.
  2. Enter a comment to alert the editors when you judge your submission is ready.
  3. Allow email notifications of comments on your page, or check back regularly.
  4. Comply with any editorial requests for changes.
  5. Alert us again when you have made any requested changes.
  6. Be patient, and be willing to bear with multiple requests for changes. We may notice only some things on the first pass, and as errors are corrected, we may notice others.

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