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Game: Chess Log: cssdixieland-arx-2021-326-382
P. A. Stonemann CSS Dixieland Verified as P. A. Stonemann CSS Dixieland wrote on
Mister Daniel, I have found this preset without enforcement of rules. I believe it to be an inert board, where we may play any move, legal or not. I hope that huffing be possible by vacating the square, therefore we may use it for playing authentic Maidens Chess. Our other game (with enforcement of rules for standard European Chess) we can use for exactly that, standard European Chess. Or if You prefer, we may call it a tied game and erase it. Should we try this one for Maidens Chess, or do You prefer to remove the rule enforcing code of the other and rename it as Maidens Chess, as You kindly had proposed to do ? You decide.
Game: Panoply Log: arx-cvgameroom-2021-303-349