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Game: Near Chess Log: richardhutnik-cvgameroom-2008-106-219
Rich Hutnik Verified as Rich Hutnik wrote on
I will add here, if people don't like the rooks being threatened by the Bishops, then one can play this with the rooks dropped back one row. Only the Knight's pawns are threatened, and not the Rooks.
Rich Hutnik Verified as Rich Hutnik wrote on
The way more advanced players can play Near Chess in other ways are one of these ways: 1. Play it against Normal Chess in Near vs Normal. 2. Use a 960 shuffle, or alternate turn drop of pieces into the first or second row. 3. Introduction of Capablanca and other fantasy pieces. Playing it on 8x10 board is cool for people who want to play a larger board variant. Such a board is hard to come by for most people though. It also isn't Near Chess. If someone has a better name for it, please come up with it. Maybe Expanded FIDE perhaps. I also can't vouch for the amount of draws that would occur in Expanded FIDE, but I know the number of draws in Near Chess is greatly reduced. I will stand on this game being a good intro game for newer players.
Rich Hutnik Verified as Rich Hutnik wrote on
When I say 'easier to learn for beginners' this doesn't mean it is not meant to lack depth, just that it has less rules and is simplier to get started. It is easier to learn than chess as the opening is more restrained to it, and the pawns are better defended. By dropping En Passant, and Castling, that streamlines it even more. Of course, there is Simplified Chess, which happens to eliminate rows in the back. My feel is that waters down Near Chess, but still has its place.