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This item is a game information page
It belongs to categories: Orthodox chess, 
It was last modified on: 1999-06-10
 By B. Gregory Johnson. Little Cheops. Large variant with extra rules governing game play. (9x9, Cells: 81) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
George Duke wrote on 2005-03-15 UTCPoor ★
'JKL,LargeCV': The uncommented ones are usually interesting because there has not been even self-promotion. First, ignore the links, there are too many of them. 'King one square orthogonal, diagonal, or oblique': what does 'oblique' add to the description? 'Queen any number of squares orthogonal, diagonal, or oblique': like a Nightrider too? These rules are by turns incomprehensible and frivolous, without the irony of Gridlock or humour of Cardmate. Mixed in are some legitimate moves for Pawn, Knight sort of. Who knows what 'the walls of an active Castle' are? Poor.

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