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Tamerlan Chess ZIP file. A well-known historic large variant of Shatranj.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
David Howe wrote on 2002-11-24 UTC
Thanks for finding the problem. I will be fixing this eventually. In the meanwhile, you can use our newer version of Tamerlan Chess. It's part of the Alfaerie collection. To see the collection click <a href=''>here</a>.

Ben Good wrote on 2002-11-24 UTC
this one doesn't unzip to the correct locations either. if you send it to the Rules folder, the zrf shows up there, but so do all the bmps, instead of appearing in rules/images/timurschess, which is where the zrf looks for them. it's a bit of a hassle create the new folder and to dig all the bmps out and move them into it. more importantly, even tho this problem is easy to solve, i wouldn't assume all users will know how to solve it - the first time i ran into this type of problem i had to ask around for help.

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